World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Indoor World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Indoor
World Archery (WA)
Lausanne (SUI), from 14-08-2018 to 18-08-2018
World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Indoor
Start List by Target
15th August - R4M, R4W, R5W, R6M, Instinctive Bow and Longbow
1AEBENER SteeveSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Men (49 years or less)
1BKUNO KeitaJPNJAPANRecurve Men (49 years or less)
1DBELAY VincentFRAFRANCERecurve Men (49 years or less)
2ABUCHLI YvoSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
2BTODA AtsuhiroJPNJAPANRecurve Men (49 years or less)
2DJULLIEN FabriceFRAFRANCERecurve Men (49 years or less)
3AOTT DanielSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
3BODA IchiroJPNJAPANRecurve Men (49 years or less)
3CBARLOW RuGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Men (49 years or less)
3DPHILIBERT DavidFRAFRANCERecurve Men (49 years or less)
4AVERCELLINI SergeSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
4BKUIVALAINEN PenttiFINFINLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
4CCOLEMAN NickGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
4DRECIUGA RomualdasLTULITHUANIARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
5AD'INCAU RemoSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
5BNEVALAINEN HannuFINFINLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
5CCAGNAZZI AlbertoITAITALYRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
6AOZSAYGI Sertan TalipTURTURKEYRecurve Men (49 years or less)
6CARSALICE PierluigiITAITALYRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
7ADALL IanAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
7BMITSUYAMA KaoriJPNJAPANRecurve Women (49 years or less)
7CBRANCHI RobertaITAITALYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
8BWEYERS EvaGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
8CATTANASIO FrancescaSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Women (49 years or less)
8DNORDMELAN RagnhildNORNORWAYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
9BNÜSSGENS-PATZ PetraGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
9CDIELEN NathalieSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
9DSANDBÆK IngerNORNORWAYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
10AMUNTYAN TatyanaUSAUSARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
10BLO MANTO YvonneGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
10CMONFORTE CecileSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
10DJAKONEN Mari JohannaFINFINLANDRecurve Women (49 years or less)
12ASIMS DanielGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Men (49 years or less)
12BCRAIG DamonAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Men (49 years or less)
12CWATSON BarryUSAUSARecurve Men (49 years or less)
12DRABENOW AxelGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
13AWEBB PeterGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Men (49 years or less)
13BMAPLE ThomasAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
13CSAGE MarkUSAUSARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
13DWIRSING ManfredGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
14ASMITH MartinGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
14BGREUTER MarkusSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
14CGEIGER UrsUSAUSARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
14DALVARADO TOVAR Fernando RaulMEXMEXICORecurve Men (49 years or less)
15ATUSTIN BrianGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
15BWIDMER HeinerSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
15CMEAD RobertUSAUSARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
15DDELECOURT StéphaneFRAFRANCERecurve Men (49 years or less)
16AWOOD AlanGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
16BGOMEZ SANCHA IgnacioESPSPAINRecurve Men (49 years or less)
16CFERNANDES Marcelo CarvalhoBRABRAZILRecurve Men (49 years or less)
16DKOCH WalterGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
17APARTRIDGE SteveGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
17BTANVEL PriitESTESTONIARecurve Men (49 years or less)
17CCIPRO Pasquale RobertoITAITALYRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
18ALIN CarrieUSAUSARecurve Women (49 years or less)
18BMILSOM TammyGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Women (49 years or less)
18CWIRSING ElisabethGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
18DMOLINARI MarziaITAITALYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
19AWADA ChizuUSAUSARecurve Women (49 years or less)
19BKING WendieGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
19CHEINS ElkeGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
19DCARRER Anna MariaITAITALYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
20ASKOGEN AmyUSAUSARecurve Women (49 years or less)
20BHARRIS SylviaGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
20CHEIMBECK PetraGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
20DARRA FrancescaITAITALYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
21ASCHNEIDER JenniferUSAUSARecurve Women (49 years or less)
21BAUBREY WendyGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
21CNORDMEYER BrittaGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
21DMAROLI AntonellaITAITALYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
22AGRANVILLE Kari JillUSAUSARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
22BVIRULA KatrinESTESTONIARecurve Women (49 years or less)
22CCREUTZBURG SimoneGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
22DDEKNOP NadineBELBELGIUMRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
23ABENNETT SHELTON LauraUSAUSARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
23BKOORT KadiESTESTONIARecurve Women (49 years or less)
23CNELSON-FURNELL DawnAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
23DCEUSTERMANS ChristinaBELBELGIUMRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
24ACLERC CAPT NatachaSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Women (49 years or less)
24BWEBBY Lynda AnneNZLNEW ZEALANDRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
24CJAMES SaskiaAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
24DSTEVENSON Kathleen RobertsUSAUSARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
26ACVETKOVIC SergeSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Men (49 years or less)
26BHUBER DanielaSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Women (50-59 years)
26CHUBER RenéSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Men (50-59 years)
26DSCHLÄPFER JürgSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Men (60-69 years)
27ADAMDINSUREN TuvshintugsSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Men (49 years or less)
27BGUTZWILLER RolandSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Men (60-69 years)
27DSOPINSKI EstherSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Women (60-69 years)
28ASTAFFORD DanielUSAUSALongbow Men (49 years or less)
28BBERGER ChristineSUISWITZERLANDLongbow Master Women (50-59 years)
28CDORIA JR RichardUSAUSALongbow Master Men (60-69 years)
28DSTURNY RolandSUISWITZERLANDLongbow Master Men (50-59 years)
29BNUENLIST KurtSUISWITZERLANDLongbow Master Men (60-69 years)
29CKELL YlleESTESTONIALongbow Master Women (50-59 years)
29DLUDWIG Walter FritzSUISWITZERLANDLongbow Master Men (50-59 years)
16th August - R5M, R6W, R7M, R7W, Compound (40-49)
1AWEYAND KerstinGERGERMANYCompound Women (49 years or less)
1CGRANETT BrandiUSAUSACompound Women (49 years or less)
1DKATILA JohannaFINFINLANDCompound Women (49 years or less)
2ANORDMEYER-KUHNE TanjaGERGERMANYCompound Women (49 years or less)
2BOOSTHUIZEN CorleenAUSAUSTRALIACompound Women (49 years or less)
2CWOOD ShawnUSAUSACompound Women (49 years or less)
2DGRANETT AvramUSAUSACompound Men (49 years or less)
3DOVERFELD DirkGERGERMANYCompound Men (49 years or less)
4APULS CharlesUSAUSACompound Men (49 years or less)
4CDEMEY DominiekBELBELGIUMCompound Men (49 years or less)
4DBASHKIREV AlexeyRUSRUSSIACompound Men (49 years or less)
6AKLYMKO FriedhelmUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
6CDEBRENNE AlexandreFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
6DFUCCI VincenzoITAITALYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
7AWHITE RogerUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
7BMOHR AdolfGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
7CSTROCK BertrandFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
7DFOGLI FrancescoITAITALYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
8AWONG CharlesUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
8CLIBERT EricFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
8DBRUGNARO MassimoITAITALYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
9BHEIMBECK JanGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
9CHUGON RichardFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
9DDEPREZ FilipBELBELGIUMRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
10BAUBORT RémySUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
10CHILDENBRAND SergeFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
10DGYS MarcBELBELGIUMRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
11AHARDIN ThomasUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
11BWINTERLEITNER AlexSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
11CHARTFIELD JohnGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
11DCALLEWAERT DannyBELBELGIUMRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
12CBARRETT KevinGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
12DBOLUTENKO SergeyCANCANADARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
13BMICKUS StasysLTULITHUANIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
13CVERMUNT SierNZLNEW ZEALANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
13DSVILANOVIC DraganSRBSERBIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
14AMIDDENDORP GerardAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
14BSIGURÐSSON Kristján G.ISLICELANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
14DGRANDCHAMP MichelSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (70 years and over)
15BECHAVARRIA JuanCOLCOLOMBIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
15CSTABELL HenrikNORNORWAYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
15DSTREDA JozefSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (70 years and over)
16AFILION LucieCANCANADARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
16BHASSILA JoakimSWESWEDENBarebow Men (49 years or less)
16CPOLASTRI AnnunciataITAITALYRecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
17ABÜCHER JürgenGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
17BEKHOLM MikaelSWESWEDENRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
17CPÄRNÄNEN JukkaFINFINLANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
17DWINTERLEITNER UrsulaSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
18AROSS CeciliaUSAUSARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
18BTAYLOR MargrethAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
18CMCHARG CarolUSAUSARecurve Master Women (70 years and over)
18DBRADY EricIRLIRELANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
19AUSHERENKO OlgaUSAUSARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
19BHOLE ElizabethAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
19CPHILLIPS SuzanneUSAUSARecurve Master Women (70 years and over)
19DALIZADEH BabakIRIIR IRANRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
20AOLDS AngieUSAUSARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
20BSWAIN SusanAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (70 years and over)
20CBRETON Jean PaulFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (70 years and over)
20DPEECK WolfgangGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (70 years and over)
21AYAMAGUCHI GaryUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
21BNAUMANN GünterGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
21CDIEGOLI FlavioITAITALYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
21DBRZAKOVIC DraganSRBSERBIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
22AWHITNEY DavidUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
22BSCHWERTMANN MartinGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
22CMARONE RiccardoITAITALYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
22DTHOMASSIN CharlesBELBELGIUMRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
23AWILHELM Wesley KennethUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
23BLAING JamesGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
23CGUIMARÃES MoisésBRABRAZILRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
24ANELSON-FURNELL PeterAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
24BKREJČÍ VlastimilCZECZECH REPUBLICRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
24CCORREIA DOS SANTOS PedroPORPORTUGALRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
24DSTEVENSON Thomas JRUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
25APIRAHMADI GholamaliGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
25BERBAY VedatTURTURKEYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
25CÁLVAREZ Daniel GustavoARGARGENTINARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
25DGARCIA MatthewUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
18th August - Compound 50+, Barebow
1CDRABBLE AnthonyGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
1DVILJOEN JohannRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
2AWILSON ScottUSAUSACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
2BCACCIATORE SasaNEDNETHERLANDSCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
2CDICKS BernieGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
2DDE KLERK BeyersRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
3AWHITE RogerUSAUSACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
3BHARDIJZER PaulNEDNETHERLANDSCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
3DO'NEILL JamesRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
4ASMITH RichardUSAUSACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
4BDAVID PhilippeFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
4CSTANLEY EdwardGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
4DDALL LarsDENDENMARKCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
5AOCALLAGHAN MalcolmIRLIRELANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
5DBANG JanDENDENMARKCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6BARNOLD YvesFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6CCAKIROGLU HakanTURTURKEYCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6DSWART MarnessSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7AVERDEYEN LucBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7BLOPEZ LuisMEXMEXICOCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7COOSTHUIZEN DanieAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7DRESSEL ManfredSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8ARONSMANS LucBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8BTSUI Wai HungHKGHKGCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8CTHRUN FriedhelmGERGERMANYCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8DPODRZAJ MarjanSLOSLOVENIACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
9ACAFURE Alfredo MarioARGARGENTINACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
9BLIU Xiao GuangCHNPR CHINACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
9CFRIBERG MatsSWESWEDENCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
9DCATALAN Jose IgnacioESPSPAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
10ACOURSE TerryGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
10BWOUTERS RudyBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
10CHOTZ RuediSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
10DSOROKER EricISRISRAELCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
11AJACKSON GordonGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
11BCRABTREE DavidAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Men (60-69 years)
11CGOTO KeijiJPNJAPANCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
11DYAREMENKO OleksandrUKRUKRAINECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
12ACAMPSALL AlCANCANADACompound Master Men (60-69 years)
12BHERVÉ BrunoFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (60-69 years)
12CESPINOSA ESPIGA GregorioESPSPAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
13AYU Kam MingHKGHKGCompound Master Men (70 years and over)
13BKEENAN JohnIRLIRELANDCompound Master Men (70 years and over)
13CKISKONEN AleksanderESTESTONIACompound Master Men (70 years and over)
15AOCHS DebraUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
15BJACOBS EstelleRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
15CCHEN MikiJPNJAPANCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
15DBARCLAY KathyNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
16ABENKOVICS IvettUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
16BVILJOEN AmandaRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
16CTENJIN SatokoJPNJAPANCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
16DEVANS BeverleyNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
17ABURKS RebeccaUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
17BSONSOLES BouzasESPSPAINCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
17CBANG MargaretDENDENMARKCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
17DSHUM Kit PuiHKGHKGCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
18ADIAB BernadetteUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
18BBREDIN SusanGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
18CCHRISTENSEN HanneDENDENMARKCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
18DCELMANOVA AndreaCZECZECH REPUBLICCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
19AKOSSLER DarleneUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
19BOLEKSEJENKO JuliaLATLATVIACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
19CGALE SherryAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
19DNEUMEYER AnnCANCANADACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
20AMOTTA MariaraffaellaITAITALYCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
20BRITTINER SandraSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
20CSCOTT BarbaraNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (70 years and over)
22APICHONNAZ EricSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Men (49 years or less)
22BHAMMAC WilliamUSAUSABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
22CDEER JohnAUSAUSTRALIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
22DSCHUMAN MarvyUSAUSABarebow Master Women (60-69 years)
23ATRIPET LaurentSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
23BSANDBÆK JohnyNORNORWAYBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
23CTESCHKE RitaGERGERMANYBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
24ASTONEBRAKER RickUSAUSABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
24CBERRY MarkAUSAUSTRALIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
24DBRANDSSON Olafur IngiISLICELANDBarebow Men (49 years or less)
25ABURTON IanGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Men (49 years or less)
25BATONEN AleksanderESTESTONIABarebow Men (49 years or less)
25CSJOETUN Svein-OleNORNORWAYBarebow Men (49 years or less)
25DTESCHKE GünterGERGERMANYBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
26AWILHELMI RolfLUXLUXEMBOURGBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
26BKAWAMURA SaburoJPNJAPANBarebow Master Men (70 years and over)
26CPOOLE MichaelCANCANADABarebow Master Men (60-69 years)
26DSTRACHAN-STEPHENS AdamGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Master Men (60-69 years)
27APALSBO SusanUSAUSABarebow Master Women (60-69 years)
27BBARISKA CVETKOVIC DeniseSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
27CFERN SarahGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
27DMORLEY SteveESTESTONIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)