World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Field World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Field
World Archery (WA)
Lausanne (SUI), from 14-08-2018 to 18-08-2018
World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Field
Start List by Target
15th August - Compound 50+
1BKISKONEN AleksanderESTESTONIACompound Master Men (70 years and over)
1CKEENAN JohnIRLIRELANDCompound Master Men (70 years and over)
1DSCOTT BarbaraNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (70 years and over)
2ADIAB BernadetteUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
2BGALE SherryAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
2CEVANS BeverleyNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
3ACHRISTENSEN HanneDENDENMARKCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
3BTENJIN SatokoJPNJAPANCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
3CNEUMEYER AnnCANCANADACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
4ABURKS RebeccaUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
4BOLEKSEJENKO JuliaLATLATVIACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
4CBARCLAY KathyNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
4DSHUM Kit PuiHKGHKGCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
5AFRIBERG MatsSWESWEDENCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
5BDICKS BernieGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
5CERB ViktorSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
5DRONSMANS LucBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6ATSUI Wai HungHKGHKGCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6BOOSTHUIZEN DanieAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6DLIU Xiao GuangCHNPR CHINACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7ASTANLEY EdwardGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7BWILSON ScottUSAUSACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7CRESSEL ManfredSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7DVERDEYEN LucBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8ACAFURE Alfredo MarioARGARGENTINACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8BCSIKÓS JózsefDENDENMARKCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8CTHRUN FriedhelmGERGERMANYCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8DHARDIJZER PaulNEDNETHERLANDSCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
21ADRABBLE AnthonyGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
21BSMITH RichardUSAUSACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
21CENZ RenéSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
21DFERRAZZI RobertoITAITALYCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
23AESPINOSA ESPIGA GregorioESPSPAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
23BCAMPSALL AlCANCANADACompound Master Men (60-69 years)
23CSOROKER EricISRISRAELCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
23DGOTO KeijiJPNJAPANCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
24AHERVÉ BrunoFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
24BHOTZ RuediSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
24CCRABTREE DavidAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Men (60-69 years)
24DJACKSON GordonGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
16th August - Barebow, Instinctive Bow and Longbow
1CKELL YlleESTESTONIALongbow Master Women (50-59 years)
1DBERGER ChristineSUISWITZERLANDLongbow Master Women (50-59 years)
2ASTAFFORD DanielUSAUSALongbow Men (49 years or less)
2BNUENLIST KurtSUISWITZERLANDLongbow Master Men (60-69 years)
2CDORIA JR RichardUSAUSALongbow Master Men (60-69 years)
2DLUDWIG Walter FritzSUISWITZERLANDLongbow Master Men (50-59 years)
3ACVETKOVIC SergeSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Men (49 years or less)
3BDAMDINSUREN TuvshintugsSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Men (49 years or less)
3CBALLESTEROS SergeSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Men (50-59 years)
3DSCHLÄPFER JürgSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Men (60-69 years)
4ASOMMERER ThomasSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
4BTESCHKE GünterGERGERMANYBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
4CPODRZAJ MarjanSLOSLOVENIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
4DGUTZWILLER RolandSUISWITZERLANDInstinctive Bow Master Men (60-69 years)
5ASTRACHAN-STEPHENS AdamGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Master Men (60-69 years)
5BMORLEY StephenESTESTONIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
5CWILHELMI RolfLUXLUXEMBOURGBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
6ATRIPET LaurentSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
6BHAMMAC WilliamUSAUSABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
6CBERRY MarkAUSAUSTRALIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
7ASTURNY RolandSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Men (60-69 years)
7BPOOLE MichaelCANCANADABarebow Master Men (60-69 years)
7CMARGOL JosephUSAUSABarebow Master Men (60-69 years)
7DKAWAMURA SaburoJPNJAPANBarebow Master Men (70 years and over)
8ARENARD SylvainFRAFRANCEBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
8BSTONEBRAKER RickUSAUSABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
8CDEER JohnAUSAUSTRALIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
9ASJOETUN Svein-OleNORNORWAYBarebow Men (49 years or less)
9BBRANDSSON Olafur IngiISLICELANDBarebow Men (49 years or less)
9CPICHONNAZ EricSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Men (49 years or less)
9DALEKSANDER AtonenESTESTONIABarebow Men (49 years or less)
10ABARISKA CVETKOVIC DeniseSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
10BFERN SarahGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
10CSCHUMAN MarvyUSAUSABarebow Master Women (60-69 years)
10DPALSBO SusanUSAUSABarebow Master Women (60-69 years)
18th August - Compound 40-49, Recurve
1ABÜCHER JürgenGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
1BBRZAKOVIC DraganSRBSERBIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
1CDIELEN TomSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
1DDEBRENNE AlexandreFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
2ARIPAUX PascalFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
2BLAING JamesGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
2CECHAVARRIA JuanCOLCOLOMBIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
2DWILHELM Wesley KennethUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
3AMOHR AdolfGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
3BSVILANOVIC DraganSRBSERBIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
3CNELSON-FURNELL PeterAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
3DDIOGUARDI ClaudioSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
4ALIBERT EricFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
4BBARRETT KevinGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
4CDEPREZ FilipBELBELGIUMRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
4DYAMAGUCHI GaryUSAUSARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
5AÁLVAREZ Daniel GustavoARGARGENTINARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
5BEKHOLM MikaelSWESWEDENRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
5DCASTELLI PietroITAITALYRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
6ATODA AtsuhiroJPNJAPANRecurve Men (49 years or less)
6BSIMS DanielGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Men (49 years or less)
6CWATSON BarryUSAUSARecurve Men (49 years or less)
6DCRAIG DamonAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Men (49 years or less)
7AODA IchiroJPNJAPANRecurve Men (49 years or less)
7BTANVEL PriitESTESTONIARecurve Men (49 years or less)
7CBELAY VincentFRAFRANCERecurve Men (49 years or less)
7DAUBORT RémySUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
8AKUNO KeitaJPNJAPANRecurve Men (49 years or less)
8BWEBB PeterGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Men (49 years or less)
8CGOMEZ-SANCHA IgnacioESPSPAINRecurve Men (49 years or less)
9AKOORT KadiESTESTONIARecurve Women (49 years or less)
9BSKOGEN AmyUSAUSARecurve Women (49 years or less)
9CCLERC CAPT NatachaSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Women (49 years or less)
9DMILSOM TammyGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Women (49 years or less)
10AVIRULA KatrinESTESTONIARecurve Women (49 years or less)
10BLIN CarrieUSAUSARecurve Women (49 years or less)
10CMITSUYAMA KaoriJPNJAPANRecurve Women (49 years or less)
11APARTRIDGE SteveGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
11BMAPLE ThomasAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
11DVERCELLINI SergeSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
12ANEVALAINEN HannuFINFINLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
12BWOOD AlanGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
12CKOCH WalterGERGERMANYRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
12DGREUTER MarkusSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
13AKUIVALAINEN Veli PenttiFINFINLANDRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
13BDALL IanAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
13CTUSTIN BrianGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (60-69 years)
14ATAYLOR MargrethAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
14BOLDS AngieUSAUSARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
14CFILION LucieCANCANADARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
14DROSS CeciliaUSAUSARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
15ASWAIN SusanAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (70 years and over)
15BPHILLIPS SuzanneUSAUSARecurve Master Women (70 years and over)
15CHOLE ElizabethAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (60-69 years)
17APULS CharlesUSAUSACompound Men (49 years or less)
17BOVERFELD DirkGERGERMANYCompound Men (49 years or less)
17CSHANK GabrielUSAUSACompound Men (49 years or less)
18ATOAIARI LauraITAITALYCompound Women (49 years or less)
18BWEYAND KerstinGERGERMANYCompound Women (49 years or less)
18CWOOD ShawnUSAUSACompound Women (49 years or less)
18DNORDMEYER-KUHNE TanjaGERGERMANYCompound Women (49 years or less)
22AEATON AllisonUSAUSARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
22BNORDMEYER BrittaGERGERMANYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
22CAUBREY WendyGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
23ADIELEN NathalieSUISWITZERLANDRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
23BNELSON-FURNELL DawnAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
23CMUNTYAN TatyanaUSAUSARecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
23DBOGLIETTI CristinaITAITALYRecurve Master Women (50-59 years)
24AHILDENBRAND SergeFRAFRANCERecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
24BHARTFIELD JohnGBRGREAT BRITAINRecurve Master Men (50-59 years)
24CMIDDENDORP Gerard SimonAUSAUSTRALIARecurve Master Men (50-59 years)