World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Outdoor Compound World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Outdoor Compound
World Archery (WA)
Lausanne (SUI), from 14-08-2018 to 18-08-2018
World Archery Masters Championships 2018 - Outdoor Compound
Start List by Target
Vidy 15th August - C4M, C4W and Barebow
1APULS CharlesUSAUSACompound Men (49 years or less)
1BBOCH ChristopheFRAFRANCECompound Men (49 years or less)
1DDEMEY DominiekBELBELGIUMCompound Men (49 years or less)
2AGRANETT AvramUSAUSACompound Men (49 years or less)
2BBASHKIREV AlexeyRUSRUSSIACompound Men (49 years or less)
2CAHMADVANDMESHNAGH DavoodIRIIR IRANCompound Men (49 years or less)
4AWOOD ShawnUSAUSACompound Women (49 years or less)
4CWEYAND KerstinGERGERMANYCompound Women (49 years or less)
4DOOSTHUIZEN CorleenAUSAUSTRALIACompound Women (49 years or less)
5AGRANETT BrandiUSAUSACompound Women (49 years or less)
5BKATILA JohannaFINFINLANDCompound Women (49 years or less)
5CNORDMEYER-KUHNE TanjaGERGERMANYCompound Women (49 years or less)
5DOVERFELD DirkGERGERMANYCompound Men (49 years or less)
17ASJOETUN Svein-OleNORNORWAYBarebow Men (49 years or less)
17BBURTON IanGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Men (49 years or less)
17CPICHONNAZ EricSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Men (49 years or less)
17DALEKSANDER AtonenESTESTONIABarebow Men (49 years or less)
18ASANDBÆK JohnyNORNORWAYBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
18BSTRACHAN-STEPHENS AdamGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
18CTRIPET LaurentSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
18DMORLEY StephenESTESTONIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
19AHAMMAC WilliamUSAUSABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
19BBRANDSSON Olafur IngiISLICELANDBarebow Men (49 years or less)
19CBERRY MarkAUSAUSTRALIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
20ASTONEBRAKER RickUSAUSABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
20BHASSILA JoakimSWESWEDENBarebow Men (49 years or less)
20CDEER JohnAUSAUSTRALIABarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
20DWILHELMI RolfLUXLUXEMBOURGBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
21BKAWAMURA SaburoJPNJAPANBarebow Master Men (50 years and over), Barebow Master Men (70 years and over) - After RR
21CPOOLE MichaelCANCANADABarebow Master Men (50 years and over), Barebow Master Men (60-69 years) - After RR
21DPALSBO SusanUSAUSABarebow Master Women (50 years and over), Barebow Master Women (60-69 years) - After RR
21ATESCHKE GünterGERGERMANYBarebow Master Men (50-59 years)
22ASCHUMAN MarvyUSAUSABarebow Master Women (50 years and over), Barebow Master Women (60-69 years) - After RR
22BBARISKA CVETKOVIC DeniseSUISWITZERLANDBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
22CTESCHKE RitaGERGERMANYBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
22DFERN SarahGBRGREAT BRITAINBarebow Master Women (50-59 years)
Vidy 16th August - C5M, C5W, C6M, C6W, C7M C7W
1ASTANLEY EdwardGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
1BCATALAN Jose IgnacioESPSPAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
1CFRANCOIS DominiqueFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
1DVERDEYEN LucBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
2AALEXANDER MikeGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
2CFAPPIANO PhilippeFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
2DRONSMANS LucBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
3ADICKS BernieGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
3BESPINOSA ESPIGA GregorioESPSPAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
3DWOUTERS RudyBELBELGIUMCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
4BMERCADÉ SALVADÓ JoseESPSPAINCompound Master Men (60 years and over), Compound Master Men (70 years and over) - After RR
4ADRABBLE AnthonyGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
4CARNOLD YvesFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
5BSWART MarnessSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
5CHERVÉ BrunoFRAFRANCECompound Master Men (60-69 years)
5DWILSON ScottUSAUSACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6AJACKSON GordonGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
6BRESSEL ManfredSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6CVILJOEN JohannRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
6DSMITH RichardUSAUSACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
7ACOURSE TerryGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
7BHOTZ RuediSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
7CDE KLERK BeyersRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8AOCALLAGHAN MalcolmIRLIRELANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8CO'NEILL JamesRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
8DTSUI Wai HungHKGHKGCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
9DYU Kam MingHKGHKGCompound Master Men (60 years and over), Compound Master Men (70 years and over) - After RR
9AGALVIN JamesIRLIRELANDCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
9BHARDIJZER PaulNEDNETHERLANDSCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
9CBANG JanDENDENMARKCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
10AKEENAN JohnIRLIRELANDCompound Master Men (60 years and over), Compound Master Men (70 years and over) - After RR
10BCACCIATORE SasaNEDNETHERLANDSCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
10CDALL LarsDENDENMARKCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
10DOOSTHUIZEN DanieAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
11ACAKIROGLU HakanTURTURKEYCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
11BFRIBERG MatsSWESWEDENCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
11CYAREMENKO OleksandrUKRUKRAINECompound Master Men (50-59 years)
11DCRABTREE DavidAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Men (60-69 years)
12ABUIKPOUR AlirezaTURTURKEYCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
12BLIU Xiao GuangCHNPR CHINACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
12CCAFURE Alfredo MarioARGARGENTINACompound Master Men (50-59 years)
12DTHRUN FriedhelmGERGERMANYCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
13ALOPEZ Luis ManuelMEXMEXICOCompound Master Men (50-59 years)
13BGOTO KeijiJPNJAPANCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
13CCAMPSALL AlCANCANADACompound Master Men (60-69 years)
13DSOROKER EricISRISRAELCompound Master Men (60-69 years)
14AKISKONEN AleksanderESTESTONIACompound Master Men (60 years and over), Compound Master Men (70 years and over) - After RR
14CSCOTT BarbaraNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (50 years and over), Compound Master Women (70 years and over) - After RR
14BNEUMEYER AnnCANCANADACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
14DCHEN MikiJPNJAPANCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
15ABURKS RebeccaUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
15BVILJOEN AmandaRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
15CEVANS BeverleyNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
15DTENJIN SatokoJPNJAPANCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
16ABENKOVICS IvettUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
16CJACOBS EstelleRSASOUTH AFRICACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
16DBARCLAY KathyNZLNEW ZEALANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
17CSPENCE MaryanneUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
17DSHUM Kit PuiHKGHKGCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
18DCHOY RainaHKGHKGCompound Master Women (50 years and over), Compound Master Women (60-69 years) - After RR
18CKOSSLER DarleneUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
19CDIAB BernadetteUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
19DMOTTA MariaraffaellaITAITALYCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
20COCHS DebraUSAUSACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
20DBANG MargaretDENDENMARKCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
21CSONSOLES BouzasESPSPAINCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
22CCELMANOVA AndreaCZECZECH REPUBLICCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
22DBREDIN SusanGBRGREAT BRITAINCompound Master Women (50-59 years)
23CGALE SherryAUSAUSTRALIACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
23DOLEKSEJENKO JuliaLATLATVIACompound Master Women (50-59 years)
24CFRANCOIS BrigitteFRAFRANCECompound Master Women (50-59 years)
24DRITTINER SandraSUISWITZERLANDCompound Master Women (50-59 years)