DCAS Autumn Gold DCAS Autumn Gold
Bowmen of the Tors (J Ballard)
Notre Dame School Looseyleigh Lane Plymouth, from 08-09-2019 to 8-09-2019
DCAS Autumn Gold
Participant List ordered by Target
Session 1
Country Name
1AOTTERY Hannah645LACETOWN ALong Bow Junior Windsor
1BBROWN Jake668B OF THE TORSBare Bow Junior Windsor
2AGILL Emily668B OF THE TORSRecurve Short Windsor
2BDOWNIE Lucy654REDRUTH ARecurve Short Windsor
2CBROWN Andrea668B OF THE TORSRecurve Short Windsor Senior
3AMARTYN Sophie668B OF THE TORSBare Bow Short Windsor
3BWEST Catherine648TORQUAY C OF ARecurve Short Windsor
4AWOOD Jack660EXMOUTH ACompound Windsor
4BBICKELL Paul668B OF THE TORSRecurve Windsor
4CGOODWIN Paul668B OF THE TORSCompound Windsor
5AKING Emma1077UNI OF PLYMOUTHLong Bow Albion
5BSTAPLETON Michaela650PAIGNTON ALong Bow Albion
5CBARRETT Jane662EXETER C OF ALong Bow Albion
5DSEMMENS Charlie0000DIRECTLong Bow Albion
6AHELLINGS Ellena650PAIGNTON ALong Bow Albion
6BCARDY Ben645LACETOWN AHorse Bow Albion
6CBROOM Wendy645LACETOWN AHorse Bow Albion
6DBROOM Matt645LACETOWN AHorse Bow Albion
7APINE Fiona1438A OF THE WESTBare Bow Albion
7BGRASSIE Karen662EXETER C OF ABare Bow Albion
7CCHAUDHRY Saira662EXETER C OF ARecurve Albion
7DPAWINSKI Tomasz662EXETER C OF ARecurve Albion
8AMARKS Kerry1077UNI OF PLYMOUTHRecurve Albion
8BBARKER Zena654REDRUTH ARecurve Albion
8CCUSACK Shelagh2220JUNCTION ABare Bow Albion
8DWILLIAMS Karen660EXMOUTH ARecurve Albion
9AHINGSTON Myra660EXMOUTH ALong Bow St George
9BTWIGG Sophie660EXMOUTH ALong Bow St George
9CCONISBEE Sarah654REDRUTH AHorse Bow St George
9DCARDY Mark645LACETOWN ALong Bow St George
10AHOSEGOOD Kenny654REDRUTH ALong Bow St George
10BEDWARDS Carl668B OF THE TORSLong Bow St George
10CHINGSTON Keith660EXMOUTH ALong Bow St George
10DMOORE Bryan648TORQUAY C OF ALong Bow St George
11ABANCROFT Neil648TORQUAY C OF ALong Bow St George
11BTWIGG Rob660EXMOUTH ALong Bow St George
11CPHILLIPS Paul1438A OF THE WESTLong Bow St George
11DWILLIAMS Scott660EXMOUTH ALong Bow St George
12AJONES Bob654REDRUTH ARecurve St George
12BREES Phillip662EXETER C OF ABare Bow St George
12COTTERY Colin645LACETOWN ACompound St George
12DTRIPP Joe1077UNI OF PLYMOUTHRecurve St George