Ray Defty Memorial Clout Day 2
Ray Defty Memorial Clout Day 2
Waterside Archers (PC)
Waterside Archers, 25 Jul 2021
Ray Defty Memorial Clout Day 2
Participant List ordered by Target
TargetAthleteCountry NameEvent
Session 1
2ATOLLERVEY Ethan403 - WATERSIDE ABarebow Jun Gentlemen U16
3AGAUNTLETT Louie2408 - FOREST OF BERE BBarebow Jun Gentlemen U12
3BSAVAGE Ethan2608 - RN SOUTH COAST ABarebow Jun Gentlemen U12
5AJAMES Mollie403 - WATERSIDE ARecurve Ladies
5BOATES Jennifer2720 - MERDON BRecurve Ladies
5CGIDDINGS Rebecca2408 - FOREST OF BERE BRecurve Ladies
5DMCLENAGHAN Kathy305 - NONSUCH BLongbow Ladies
5EMITCHELL Hannah602 - SOUTHAMPTON ACRecurve Ladies
5FWILLIAMS Barbara374 - HERTFORD CO OF ABarebow Ladies
5GRYDER NancyAGB - ARCHERY GBLongbow Ladies
5HRIDLEY-LAMB Karen2608 - RN SOUTH COAST ABarebow Ladies
5IRIXON Karla635 - DUNSTABLE BBarebow Ladies
5JWILKINSON Kay403 - WATERSIDE ABarebow Ladies
6ALOXLEY Michelle1509 - OSPREY ACompound Ladies
6CHAYNES Christopher602 - SOUTHAMPTON ACBarebow Gentlemen
6DJONES Glyn1890 - THE CLOUT COLLECTIVEBarebow Gentlemen
6ELAMB Andrew2608 - RN SOUTH COAST ABarebow Gentlemen
6FWHITE Peter635 - DUNSTABLE BBarebow Gentlemen
6HSAVAGE Clive2608 - RN SOUTH COAST ABarebow Gentlemen
6IMCLENAGHAN Ian305 - NONSUCH BBarebow Gentlemen
6JBROWN Rod1293 - ARUNDOWN ACBarebow Gentlemen
7AFAYERS Rob2100 - BITTON ACompound Gentlemen
7BSAVAGE Neil2608 - RN SOUTH COAST ACompound Gentlemen
7CTERRY Jason2413 - BOURNE 55Compound Gentlemen
7DLEVINS Warren1890 - THE CLOUT COLLECTIVECompound Gentlemen
8AJAMES Simon403 - WATERSIDE ARecurve Gentlemen
8BVARNEY Olly403 - WATERSIDE ARecurve Gentlemen
8CFAYERS Lisa2100 - BITTON ACompound Ladies
8DSUMMERS Roz602 - SOUTHAMPTON ACCompound Ladies
8EBAIGENT Chris403 - WATERSIDE ARecurve Gentlemen
8FCAM Nigel2408 - FOREST OF BERE BBarebow Gentlemen
8GGAUNTLETT Reece2408 - FOREST OF BERE BBarebow Jun Gentlemen U18
8HFINN Ciaran810 - WHITEHILL ARecurve Gentlemen
8ICOLLINS Martin2413 - BOURNE 55Recurve Gentlemen
8JTAYLOR John2408 - FOREST OF BERE BRecurve Gentlemen
9ASOLLARS Andy403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gentlemen
9BSTREHLAU Derek403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gentlemen
9CDUNN Chris2136 - KETTERING ALongbow Gentlemen
9DMURRAY Rick645 - LALEHAM ACLongbow Gentlemen
9ESUMMERS Dicky602 - SOUTHAMPTON ACLongbow Gentlemen
9FVAN WYK Geoffrey403 - WATERSIDE ABarebow Gentlemen
9GWILKINSON Anthony403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gentlemen
9HCRAIG Malcolm403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gentlemen
9IBAKER Chris403 - WATERSIDE ABarebow Gentlemen
9JHUNT Mike403 - WATERSIDE ABarebow Gentlemen

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