AI Irish Indoor Open 2021
Cuchulainn Archers (CuCu)
DKIT Sports, 17 Oct 2021
Number of Entries by Event
W8 3 71

Individual Finals
 Event NameAthletesFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RMRecurve Men221/166(10)22-----
RWRecurve Women81/16-8 8-----
CMCompound Men171/161(15)17-----
CWCompound Women31/16-13 3-----
BBMBarebow men61Quarter Finals4 8(53)
bbwbarebow women61Quarter Finals4 8(53)

Team Finals
 Event NameMixed Team EventTeamsFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RMRecurve Men TeamNo31/8-5 3---
RWRecurve Women TeamNo 1/8-8  ---
CMCompound Men TeamNo21/8-6 2---
CWCompound Women TeamNo 1/8-8  ---
RXRECURVE MIXEDNo51/16-11 5---
CXCOMPOUND MIXEDYes31/16-13 3---
BBXBAREBOW MIXEDYes181/162(14)18---
BBBAREBOW TEAMNo101/16-6 10---

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