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Ianseo is a free software developped by a group of guys crazy for Archery to offer a modern, effective ant intuitive solution for archery results management. If you appreciated the system and the project, consider to offer a little amount to support Ianseo to develop new functions. You can use this easy and secure instrument. You need only a PayPal Account; decide the amout and the currency, then press the button "donate". NOTICE: if the amount of the donation has decimal values, please insert a dot as separator and not a comma, otherwise Paypal will complain and you will not be able to donate.


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Updated: 2016-10-11
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What is Ianseo? Ianseo is a software for managing the results of an Archery Tournament; it is an Open Source Project developed thanks to the Italian Archery Federation's financial support, that decided to freely distribute it in whole Europe. Translated in several languages, Ianseo is the most up to date and advanced in the World integrating all the FITA rules, but has evolved to include a comprehensive management of an Archery Tournament as a whole: from accreditation of the athletes and officers to every kind of printouts utilities, from network and online integration to FOP desig.

"New Competition Management System"

I.A.N.S.E.O. is also the most expert working group on Archery Events management and organization. The first experiences of the components of the group were back in the nineties, but in these latest years (the group is existing as a team since 2006) Ianseo Team has been more and more involved in many of the biggest events in the world: Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Grand Prix, World Games, Universiads, University Championships, World Archery Festival and several National Italian Events. It is the official Result Team for Fitarco (Italian Archery Federation), WAE (World Archery Europe) and several WA (World Archery) Events.

Take your competition to the Pro Level!.

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