60x Remote Shoot Stage 26 INDOOR LEAGUE
60x Remote Shoot Stage 26 INDOOR LEAGUE
60x.Belgium • ICE SMART SPORTS (60XISOL26)
At Your Home or Club Remote Online, 4 Oct 2020
60x Remote Shoot Stage 26 INDOOR LEAGUE
Participant List group by Country
MORTIMER Robyn4ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
IRVINE Russ20ACompound 18m IFAASes. 1
IRVINE Russ3ACompound Scaled TargetSes. 3
IRVINE Russ9ACompound Scaled TargetSes. 2
MCCALLUM Bruce7ARecurve Scaled TargetSes. 1
ANNEL John14ACompound 25m VegasSes. 2
GALL Roger14CCompound 25m VegasSes. 2
HUNTE Gregory14BCompound 25m WASes. 2
ANNEL John5ACompound 18m VegasSes. 3
GALL Roger5CCompound 18m VegasSes. 3
ALLEYNE Melanie14DCompound 18m WASes. 2
PHOENIX Anthony5BCompound 18m WASes. 3
DEPRE Joeri17CCompound 18m VegasSes. 2
SIMONS Dave33ACompound 18m VegasSes. 1
SONNY Mievis17ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
TURNER Keith33BCompound 18m VegasSes. 1
FILIP Coopmans16CCompound 18m WASes. 2
MEBIS Stijn16ACompound 18m WASes. 2
POELMANS Dirk17DCompound 18m WASes. 2
POELMANS Jarno18BCompound 18m WASes. 2
SCHROEDERS Ronald16DCompound 18m WASes. 2
SPEELMANS Kevin17BCompound 18m WASes. 2
VAN DAMME Kelly16BCompound 18m WASes. 2
VANOIRBEEK Sven18ACompound 18m WASes. 2
BOECKX Sonja37BRecurve 18m VegasSes. 1
SIMONS Axel37CRecurve 18m VegasSes. 1
STUYCK Silke37ARecurve 18m VegasSes. 1
VANHOLLEBEKE Ruben21ARecurve Para ArcherySes. 2
STREET Per3ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
DOHERTY Jack7ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
HALL Robert8ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
SAUNDERSON Jay10ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
PRIEELS Sarah5ACompound 18m WASes. 2
BYFORD Mike2ARecurve 25m WASes. 3
BARLOW Ru17ARecurve Scaled TargetSes. 1
DEPTULA Martin13BCompound Scaled TargetSes. 2
DEPTULA Tanja13ACompound Scaled TargetSes. 2
IQBAL Syukran22ABarebow 18m VegasSes. 1
ALBA Brian14ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Gunawan35ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Inot16ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Jessica15ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
AMIN El muha8ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
ARAWI Alfian5ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
AZZAM Muhammad Khairul30CBarebow 18m WASes. 1
BANUN Nobita36CBarebow 18m WASes. 1
BANUN Nobita36DBarebow 18m WASes. 1
BISRI MUSTOFA Bisri36ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
DAHAM Amzar Marzuki34ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
GILIRI Amirudin1ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
HARTONO Hartono36BBarebow 18m WASes. 1
HIDAYAT Anang9ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
ILHAM Abu Azzam30ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
IRAWAN D N1ABarebow 18m WASes. 3
IRWAN KRAKATAU Irwan31ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
PRIYANTORO Aditya21ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
RUDI UTOMO Rudi39ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
SURIANI ummu Azzam30BBarebow 18m WASes. 1
TALARMIN Suzanne38ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
THE RONIN Xon18ABarebow 18m WASes. 1
SETIAWAN Deni Eko27ACompound 18m WASes. 1
MUHAMMAD Adien2ARecurve 18m VegasSes. 1
MUHAMMAD Adien6ARecurve 18m VegasSes. 1
ALBA Fahry11ARecurve 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Hur Ina26ARecurve 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Nadien35BRecurve 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Naufal28ARecurve 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Nurdafa12ARecurve 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Pradnya13ARecurve 18m WASes. 1
ATA Big10ARecurve 18m WASes. 1
HERDIAN Haris38BRecurve 18m WASes. 1
ALBA Fahim35CRecurve Scaled TargetSes. 1
ALBA HAidar25ARecurve Scaled TargetSes. 1
ALBA Hammam29ARecurve Scaled TargetSes. 1
ALBA Raisya24ARecurve Scaled TargetSes. 1
SAKTHIVEL Nikhil Raj23ACompound 18m WASes. 1
COETZEE Jacqueline20BCompound 18m WASes. 2
DE REBEIRA Manuel19ACompound 18m WASes. 2
DU PLESSIS Pieter19CCompound 18m WASes. 2
DU PLESSIS Wessel19DCompound 18m WASes. 2
REID Justus19BCompound 18m WASes. 2
VENTER Cailin20ACompound 18m WASes. 2
ZABEL Karl-Heinrich6ACompound 18m WASes. 2
BARNARD Johann32BBarebow 18m WASes. 1
VAN STADEN Michael32ARecurve 25m WASes. 1
LYNCH Mark15ARecurve 18m WASes. 2
LYNCH Ronan15BRecurve 18m WASes. 2
MCWILLIAMS Rhys19ARecurve 18m WASes. 1
VAN STADEN Michael1ARecurve 18m WASes. 2
FERREIRA Gerard11ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
FERREIRA Gerard12ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
FRANCIS Sherwin4ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
BERTRAND Rollin2ARecurve 18m WASes. 2
CAMPBELL Chris4ACompound 18m VegasSes. 3
FONTES Robert3ACompound 18m VegasSes. 2
WALTH Courtney6BRecurve 18m WASes. 3
WALTH Janice6ARecurve Para ArcherySes. 3