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  • Windows 11 Warning: sometimes MySQL crashes because Windows removes crucial files from the XAMPP app! Going to http://localhost/RepairXAMPP.php (or http://localhost/ianseo/RepairXAMPP.php) may help repairing MySQL settings.
  • If you experience problems in importing a competition, especially an "Error 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query" error, the culprit is a mysql configuration: search for the "my.cnf" file, open it with a normal text editor and search for the max_allowed_packet directive. Set it to 16M instead of the basic 1M. Stop and start Mysql and voilà!
  • Ianseo is working with XAMPP up to any version of 8.0.x
  • Download the appropriate XAMPP installation (32 or 64 bit) according to your operative system
Last version: 2023-01-10 "Remembering Er Salustro. Ciao Giggi 💔"
Last release: rev 798
To update Ianseo to the last version/release select "Modules => Update Ianseo" in Ianseo itself.
Last packaging: 2023.02.19

Windows Full Installer - 64 bit

Windows Full Installer - 32 bit
Win7, Win8 and Win 10 - NO Win XP

Install files for all platforms

ZIP format

Installation guides

Linux Installation Guide (ENG)

Mac Installation Guide (ENG)

Ianseo Manuals

User Manual (pdf)

Manual de uso (pdf)

Manuale di istruzioni (pdf)

User contributed Manuals and Guides

Scorekeeper NG
ScorekeeperNG Manual
ScorekeeperNG Checklist
ScorekeeperNG App User Guide
Scorekeeper (soon to be dismissed from stores)
Contribution from Juan Sánchez
Video on how to use Ianseo Score Keeper
HHT English User Guide
Contribution from Katrina Weiss, USA
Manuel Français pour débutants
Contribution from Dominique "Data" Delvigne (BEL)


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