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  • Windows 11 Warning: sometimes MySQL crashes because Windows removes crucial files from the XAMPP app! Going to http://localhost/RepairXAMPP.php (or http://localhost/ianseo/RepairXAMPP.php) may help repairing MySQL settings.
  • If you experience problems in importing a competition, especially an "Error 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query" error, the culprit is a mysql configuration: search for the "my.cnf" file, open it with a normal text editor and search for the max_allowed_packet directive. Set it to 16M instead of the basic 1M. Stop and start Mysql and voilà!
  • Ianseo is working with XAMPP up to any version of 8.3.x
  • Download the appropriate XAMPP installation (32 or 64 bit) according to your operative system
Last version: 2023-01-10 "Remembering Er Salustro. Ciao Giggi 💔"
Last release: rev 1316
To update Ianseo to the last version/release select "Modules => Update Ianseo" in Ianseo itself.
Last packaging: 2023.02.19

Windows Full Installer - 64 bit

Windows Full Installer - 32 bit
Win7, Win8 and Win 10 - NO Win XP

Install files for all platforms

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Linux Installation Guide (ENG)

Mac Installation Guide (ENG)

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