Badger's Summer Clout June
Triplex Tournaments (Badger)
Any Club, 1-30 Jun 2021
Participant List ordered by Target
TargetAthleteCountry NameEvent
Session 1
1ASOLLARS Andy403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gents Metric Clout
2ALOWE Stuart1013 - L.A.O.F.A.C.Recurve Gents Metric Clout
3AWILLIAMS Barbara371 - HERTFORD CO OF ABarebow Ladies Metric Clout
4ASTREHLAU Derek403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gents Metric Clout
5AFINN Ciaran407 - WHITEHILL ARecurve Gents Metric Clout
6ASUMMERS Dicky1625 - SOUTHAMPTON ACLongbow Gents Metric Clout
7ASUMMERS Roz1625 - SOUTHAMPTON ACLongbow Ladies Metric Clout
8ASUMMERS Roz1625 - SOUTHAMPTON ACCompound Ladies Metric Clout
9ACRAIG Malcolm403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gents Metric Clout
10AWILKINSON Anthony403 - WATERSIDE ALongbow Gents Metric Clout
11ABAKER Christopher403 - WATERSIDE ABarebow Gents Metric Clout
12ACHERRY Andy215 - ADUR VALLEY ARecurve Gents Metric Clout
13AHOLMES Simon1035 - DERWENT BCompound Gents Metric Clout
14AGIDDINGS Rebecca421 - FOREST OF BERE BRecurve Ladies Metric Clout
15ATAYLOR John421 - FOREST OF BERE BRecurve Gents Metric Clout

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