GWAS Intercounties 2021
GWAS Intercounties 2021
Grand Western Archery Society (GWAS)
Exeter School, Exeter, Devon, UK, 19 Sep 2021
Number of Entries by Event
M2241237 6 
W123828 6 

Individual Finals
 Event NameAthletesFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RMRecurve Men221/48-34 22-----
RWRecurve Women121/48-44 12-----
CMCompound Men121/48-44 12-----
CWCompound Women81/48-48 8-----
LMLongbow Men71/64-57 7-----
LWLongbow Women81/64-56 8-----
BMBarebow Men61/64-58 6-----
BWBarebow Women61/64-58 6-----

Team Finals
 Event NameMixed Team EventTeamsFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RWHighest Recurve WomanNo31/16-13 3---
CWHighest Compound WomanNo31/16-13 3---
LWHighest Longbow WomanNo41/16-12 4---
BWHighest Barebow WomanNo31/16-13 3---
RMHighest Recurve ManNo41/16-12 4---
CMHighest Compound ManNo31/16-13 3---
LMHighest Longbow ManNo41/16-12 4---
BMHighest Barebow ManNo31/16-13 3---
JFSJanet Faralewski Salver (RM5, RW3)Yes31/16-13 3---
CSBG.W.A.S. Challenge Silver Bugle (RM5)No31/16-13 3---
DCTDunster Challenge Trophy (RW3)No31/16-13 3---
CTTCompound Team Trophy (CM2, CW2)Yes31/16-13 3---
SLLTSt Loyes Longbow Team Trophy (LM2, LW2)Yes31/16-13 3---
BTBarebow Team Trophy (BM2, BW2)Yes31/16-13 3---
RTRegional County Champion Team (All 25)Yes21/16-14 2---

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