2021 DAC Halloween Funshoot
2021 DAC Halloween Funshoot
Davao Archery Club, Philippines (DAC)
At the comfort of your own Home and Ranges, 16-31 Oct 2021
2021 DAC Halloween Funshoot
Participant List group by Country
COMARCHO Cowayne129ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
ABIDIN Zainal99ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
ADZKI Ayah'e56ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
ANGGORO Anggoro96ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
AYANA Abu57ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
FACHRURROZI Froz153ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
FAROBI Al91ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
KALANI Abu58ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
MASHEN Mashen59ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
MUHYI Syams121ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
NADA Abu87ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
SETIARDI Andelan118ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
SONBRAMONO Sonbramono94ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
WANGGA Pak'e86ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
ABIDIN Zainal98ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
BAYTRAN Bayu160ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
DANARDONO Donny158ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
FACHRURROZI Froz146ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
FAROBI Al92ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
LESMANA Joky145ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
PURNOMO Deni54ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
RAMADHAN Yudhi161ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
SANOR Joky156ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
SETIARDI Andelan119ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
SUKIMIN Sutripriarso157ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
ANGGORO Anggoro97ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
BAYTRAN Bayu139ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
DANARDONO Donny140ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
FACHRURROZI Froz147ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
KURNIAWAN Ayik93ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
LESMANA Joky144ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
MUHYI Syamsul120ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
MUTHOHARI Khamim64ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
NOVIANTORO Er104ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
PURNOMO Deni55ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
RAMADHAN Yudhi143ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
SANOR Joky142ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
SONBRAMONO Sonbramono95ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
SUKIMIN Sutripriarso133ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
PURNOMO Deni52ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
PURNOMO Deni53ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
SHOLAHUDDIN AbdulAziz162ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
ANGGREANI Anggi130ABarebow 50m WomenSes. 1
RAISYA Maia135ABarebow 50m WomenSes. 1
ANGGREANI Anggi131ABarebow 30m WomenSes. 1
PANGASTUTI Yanti159ABarebow 30m WomenSes. 1
SULASTRI Tri138ABarebow 30m WomenSes. 1
ANGGREANI Anggi134ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
ARIEF Nurafifah132ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
PANGASTUTI Yanti141ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
RAISYA Maia136ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
SULASTRI Tri137ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
WINARNI Kurnia90ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
NOFITRI Nurhayati81ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
NOFITRI Nurhayati80ARecurve 18m WomenSes. 2
RANA Helas105ARecurve 18m WomenSes. 2
EL BARKOUKI Yassine5ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
EL BARKOUKI Yassine4ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
RACHID Benaouich84ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
LAAROUFI Driss15ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
LEVY Mustapha13ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
SBAI TANJI Mounir51ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
ZAIDI Jaouad14ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
LAVERAN Colette12ACompound 18m WomenSes. 2
CHAHDI OUAZZANI Hanan16ARecurve 18m WomenSes. 2
TATARI Basma17ARecurve 18m WomenSes. 2
RIVERA Nicolás111ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
AGUILAR Elian40ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
RIVERA Nicolás114ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
AGUILAR Elian41ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
RIVERA Nicolás116ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
AGUILAR Gabriel42ACompound 30m MenSes. 1
AGUILAR Gabriel43ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
AMRAN Muhammad Aqeef Iman69ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
JAMLEE Noah Isaac Jenta107ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
JUREM JOE Alviander Luhat106ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
MOHD RADJ'EE Asraf Nadjme108ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
AMRAN Muhammad Shauqee Firdaus68ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
NG ABDULLAH Amirah82ACompound 50m WomenSes. 1
JACKSON NIBANG Darlene Daphne Nain117ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
MATHIEW Maxgrace109ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
MICHEAL Donelly Domi Jara110ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
NICHOL Rania Ariescha Kavong113ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
SAHRIZAN Nur Aira Farahana112ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
SAMBANG Shannie Shaquina115ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
AMRAN Nur Aisyatul Afiqah67ARecurve 18m WomenSes. 2
BALBUENA José38ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
BALBUENA José39ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
JOSOL Jonathan27ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
MARTINEZ Hanzel Eric73ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
MONTECILLO Alfredo Carlos149ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
NARANJILLA Daniel35ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
NARANJILLA Francisco18ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
SERAFIN Nico Antonio74ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan26ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
MARTINEZ Hanzel Eric72ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
MONTECILLO Alfredo Carlos148ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
NARANJILLA Daniel36ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
NARANJILLA Frankie19ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
SERAFIN Nico Antonio75ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
WEE Mark Henry1ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan25ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
MARTINEZ Hanzel Eric71ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
MONTECILLO Alfredo Carlos150ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
NARANJILLA Daniel37ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
NARANJILLA Frankie20ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
SERAFIN Nico Antonio78ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
WEE Mark Henry6ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
BURGOS (PARA) Marzel34ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan30ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
JUBILO Alan Christian10ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
MANANGDANG (PARA) Angelo127ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
ROJAS Arnold63ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
TINGZON Elezer102ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan29ACompound 30m MenSes. 1
JUBILO Alan Christian9ACompound 30m MenSes. 1
MARTINEZ Hanzel Eric77ACompound 30m MenSes. 1
ROCACORBA Donne65ACompound 30m MenSes. 1
SINCO Nino83ACompound 30m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan28ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
MARTINEZ Hanzel Eric76ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
MORALEDA Raymond8ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
ROCACORBA JR Donne66ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
TINGZON Elezer103ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
CALAMPIANO Aldren48ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
ETONGAN (PARA) Roger128ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
FLORES Gabriel123ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
GARCIA Girvin122ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
GARCIA John Carl152ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
REAPORT Jonathan85ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
BADER Paul Yrwan163ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
BALMEO Romnick89ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
CABIJE Raizen Dawn50ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
FLORES Gabriel124ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
GARCIA John Carl62ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
SINCO Gerardo Joaquin11ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
TINGZON Nathaniel100ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
WEE Pepito Henry7ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
YASI William Robert24ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
CABIJE Raizen Dawn49ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
FLORES Gabriel125ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
TINGZON Nathaniel101ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
YASI William Robert23ARecurve 18m MenSes. 2
JOSOL (HORSEBOW) Jonathan2ATraditional 18m MenSes. 1
JOSOL (ILF) Jonathan3ATraditional 18m MenSes. 1
MONTECILLO Alfredo Carlos151ATraditional 18m MenSes. 1
NARANJILLA Frankie HB22ATraditional 18m MenSes. 1
NARANJILLA Frankie ILF21ATraditional 18m MenSes. 1
SERAFIN Nico Antonio79ATraditional 18m MenSes. 1
CABALES Nana32ABarebow 30m WomenSes. 1
BACOL Fellyjane Marie88ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
CABALES Nana31ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
ARIGO Jervie61ACompound 50m WomenSes. 1
BANTILOC (PARA) Agustina155ACompound 50m WomenSes. 1
MANANGDANG (PARA) Dina126ACompound 50m WomenSes. 1
ARIGO Jervie60ACompound 30m WomenSes. 1
AMISTOSO Phoebe Nicole46ARecurve 70m WomenSes. 1
ANG Kimberly Dennise44ARecurve 70m WomenSes. 1
BAYLA (PARA) Elizabeth154ARecurve 70m WomenSes. 1
AMISTOSO Phoebe Nicole70ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
ANG Kimberly Dennise45ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
AMISTOSO Phoebe Nicole47ARecurve 18m WomenSes. 2
CABALES Nana33ATraditional 18m WomenSes. 1

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