2022 DACI Philippine Independence Day Fun Shoot
2022 DACI Philippine Independence Day Fun Shoot
Davao Archery Club, Inc (DAC, Inc.)
At the Comfort of your own Homes and Ranges, 5-30 Jun 2022
2022 DACI Philippine Independence Day Fun Shoot
Participant List group by Country
LANDGRAF Volker24ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
LEIDHOLD Thomas6ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
RISSTY Nesya Kemilau33ACompound 50m WomenSes. 1
RISSTY Nesya Kemilau29ACompound 30m WomenSes. 1
BENMOUMEN Mhamed4ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
FAISSEL Ben Tourtou3ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
MAHMOUD ACHRAF Lalami2ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
ADNAN Hosney32ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
WAFI Azimi5ARecurve 70m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan11ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
JUBILO Abraham54ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
MARTINEZ Hanzel Eric37ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
MONTECILLO Alfredo Carlos40ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
NARANJILLA Daniel23ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
SUELLO Geraldo52ABarebow 50m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan10ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
MONTECILLO Alfredo Carlos41ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
WEE Mark Henry1ABarebow 30m MenSes. 1
GIMONGALA Craig Andrei50ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
JOSOL Jonathan9ABarebow 18m MenSes. 2
BURGOS Marz47ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan14ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
JUBILO Alan Christian53ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
ROJAS Arnold18ACompound 50m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan13ACompound 30m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan12ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
MORALEDA Raymond48ACompound 18m MenSes. 2
AUSTRIA Paulo25ARecurve 20m MenSes. 1
WEE Pepito Henry34ARecurve 30m MenSes. 1
DU Earl John36ARecurve 50m MenSes. 1
SAMBLING Jaycee Gabriel57ARecurve 60m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan - Asiatic7ATraditional or Asiatic 18m MenSes. 1
JOSOL Jonathan - ILF8ATraditional or Asiatic 18m MenSes. 1
LIGUE Shirlyn45ABarebow 50m WomenSes. 1
MONATO Jennifer58ABarebow 50m WomenSes. 1
SUELLO Michelle39ABarebow 50m WomenSes. 1
CABALES Diana44ABarebow 30m WomenSes. 1
GONZALES Jersey Enaj Vye31ABarebow 30m WomenSes. 1
LIGUE Shirlyn46ABarebow 30m WomenSes. 1
CABALES Diana43ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
GONZALES Jersey Enaj Vye30ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
SITJAR Krystine Joy49ABarebow 18m WomenSes. 2
ARIGO Jervie19ACompound 50m WomenSes. 1
IBAG Kristine Madeline38ACompound 50m WomenSes. 1
ARIGO Jervie20ACompound 30m WomenSes. 1
ARIGO Jervie22ACompound 18m WomenSes. 2
ANG Kimberly Dennise35ARecurve 70m WomenSes. 1
AUSTRIA Miyah28ARecurve 20m WomenSes. 1
JANDUSAY Cheziah Jadassah27ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
LOPOZ Ea Fini Jandy26ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
UYKING Daphne21ARecurve 30m WomenSes. 1
PAHANG Aniana Denise51ARecurve 50m WomenSes. 1
DAQUIOAG Gabrielle Dwane56ARecurve 60m WomenSes. 1
LICUDAN Irish Angel15ARecurve 60m WomenSes. 1
ODIONG Althea Kelly55ARecurve 60m WomenSes. 1
PANIT Alexianne17ARecurve 60m WomenSes. 1
RAVELO Ronalyn16ARecurve 60m WomenSes. 1
CABALES Diana42ARecurve 18m WomenSes. 2