The Vegas Shoot 2023
The Vegas Shoot 2023
National Field Archery Association Foundation (NFAAf)
Las Vegas (USA), 3-5 Feb 2023
The Vegas Shoot 2023
Number of Entries by Event
O262 51                 
M    69               
F114   50               
J76   16               
JM      78 56           
JF      106 89           
YM      124 63           
YF      106 65           
CM      49 27           
CF      40 30           
FX      1229 397 337 2 6 288 19 

Individual Finals
 Event NameAthletesFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
CCOChampionship Compound Open262     
CCFChampionship Compound Female114     
CCSChampionship Compound Senior137     
CCJChampionship Compound Young Adult76     
RCMChampionship Recurve Male69     
RCFChampionship Recurve Female50     
RCJChampionship Recurve Young Adult16     
CCWChampionship Compound Senior Female23     
BROChampionship Barebow Recurve Open51     
BHFXBowhunter Flights337     
COFXCompound Flights1229     
CBFXCompound Barebow Flights19     
REFXRecurve Flights397     
RBFXRecurve Barebow Flights288     
XUFXCrossbow Unlimited Flights6     
XBFXCrossbow Flights2     
COCMCompound Cub Male49     
COCFCompound Cub Female40     
COYMCompound Youth Male124     
COYFCompound Youth Female106     
COJMCompound Young Adult Male78     
COJFCompound Young Adult Female106     
RECMRecurve Cub Male27     
RECFRecurve Cub Female30     
REYMRecurve Youth Male63     
REYFRecurve Youth Female65     
REJMRecurve Young Adult Male56     
REJFRecurve Young Adult Female89     
C10KChampionship $10K-A-Day Shoot Off402     
MCCCollegiate Compound Male33     
FCCCollegiate Compound Female33     
MRCCollegiate Recurve Male19     
FRCCollegiate Recurve Female20     
MBCCollegiate Recurve Barebow Male13     
FBCCollegiate Recurve Barebow Female17     
MBHCCollegiate Bowhunter Male19     
FBHCCollegiate Bowhunter Female16     
RMRecurve Men - IWS69     
RWRecurve Women - IWS50     
CMCompound Men - IWS262     
CWCompound Women - IWS114     

Team Finals
 Event NameMixed Team EventTeamsFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
COLLCollegiate TeamNo6