2023 NFAA Indoor Nationals
2023 NFAA Indoor Nationals
National Field Archery Association Foundation (NFAAf)
Louisville (KY - USA), 24-26 Mar 2023
2023 NFAA Indoor Nationals
Number of Entries by Event
AM187 5 3 52 20 3 4 1 34 
AF62 4 3 29 25 1 4   12 
JM67   6 21 17         
JF71   8 30 19         
YM36   5 30 16         
YF41   7 26 12         
CM13   12 35 1         
CF15   12 21 6         
SM72 4 4 24 6 6     17 
SF26 2 1 5 5 1     2 
VM46 3 6 15 8 5       
VF4 2 2 1 2 2       
MM26 6 7 9 6 2       
MF  1 1 1 2 1       

Individual Finals
 Event NameAthletesFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
FSPMFreestyle Professional Male76     
FSPFFreestyle Professional Female20     
FSMPFreestyle Professional Senior Male32     
FSFPFreestyle Professional Senior Female2     
FSAMFreestyle Adult Male187     
FSAFFreestyle Adult Female62     
FSJMFreestyle Young Adult Male67     
FSJFFreestyle Young Adult Female71     
FSYMFreestyle Youth Male36     
FSYFFreestyle Youth Female41     
FSCMFreestyle Cub Male13     
FSCFFreestyle Cub Female15     
FSSMFreestyle Senior Male72     
FSSFFreestyle Senior Female26     
FSVMFreestyle Silver Senior Male46     
FSVFFreestyle Silver Senior Female4     
FSMMFreestyle Master Senior Male26     
FSPVFreestyle Professional Silver Senior Male7     
FSPZFreestyle Professional Master Senior Male1     
FSPXFreestyle Professional SilverSenior Female1     
FLAMFreestyle Limited Adult Male5     
FLAFFreestyle Limited Adult Female4     
FLSMFreestyle Limited Senior Male4     
FLSFFreestyle Limited Senior Female2     
FLVMFreestyle Limited Silver Senior Male3     
FLVFFreestyle Limited Silver Senior Female2     
FLMMFreestyle Limited Master Senior Male6     
FLMFFreestyle Limited Master Senior Female1     
BBAMBarebow Adult Male3     
BBAFBarebow Adult Female3     
BBJMBarebow Young Adult Male6     
BBJFBarebow Young Adult Female8     
BBYMBarebow Youth Male5     
BBYFBarebow Youth Female7     
BBCMBarebow Cub Male12     
BBCFBarebow Cub Female12     
BBSMBarebow Senior Male4     
BBSFBarebow Senior Female1     
BBVMBarebow Silver Senior Male6     
BBVFBarebow Silver Senior Female2     
BBMMBarebow Master Senior Male7     
BBMFBarebow Master Senior Female1     
BFAMBowhunter Freestyle Adult Male52     
BFAFBowhunter Freestyle Adult Female29     
BFJMBowhunter Freestyle Young Adult Male21     
BFJFBowhunter Freestyle Young Adult Female30     
BFYMBowhunter Freestyle Youth Male30     
BFYFBowhunter Freestyle Youth Female26     
BFCMBowhunter Freestyle Cub Male35     
BFCFBowhunter Freestyle Cub Female21     
BFSMBowhunter Freestyle Senior Male24     
BFSFBowhunter Freestyle Senior Female5     
BFVMBowhunter Freestyle Silver Senior Male15     
BFVFBowhunter Freestyle Silver Senior Female1     
BFMMBowhunter Freestyle Master Senior Male9     
BFMFBowhunter Freestyle Master Senior Female1     
RLAMFreestyle Limited Recurve Adult Male20     
RLAFFreestyle Limited Recurve Adult Female25     
RLJMFreestyle Limited Recurve Young Adult Male17     
RLJFFreestyle Limited Recurve Young Adult Female19     
RLYMFreestyle Limited Recurve Youth Male16     
RLYFFreestyle Limited Recurve Youth Female12     
RLCMFreestyle Limited Recurve Cub Male1     
RLCFFreestyle Limited Recurve Cub Female6     
RLSMFreestyle Limited Recurve Senior Male6     
RLSFFreestyle Limited Recurve Senior Female5     
RLVMFreestyle Limited Recurve Silver Senior Male8     
RLVFFreestyle Limited Recurve Silver Senior Female2     
RLMMFreestyle Limited Recurve Master Senior Male6     
RLMFFreestyle Limited Recurve Master Senior Female2     
TRAMTraditional Adult Male3     
TRAFTraditional Adult Female1     
TRSMTraditional Senior Male6     
TRSFTraditional Senior Female1     
TRVMTraditional Silver Senior Male5     
TRVFTraditional Silver Senior Female2     
TRMMTraditional Master Senior Male2     
TRMFTraditional Master Senior Female1     
LBAMLongbow Adult Male4     
LBAFLongbow Adult Female4     
XBAMCrossbow Adult Male1     
BRAMBarebow Recurve Adult Male34     
BRAFBarebow Recurve Adult Female12     
BRSMBarebow Recurve Senior Male17     
BRSFBarebow Recurve Senior Female2